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This is my little corner of the Internet, where I talk about DIY’s, crafting, recipes, and more!

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Howdy and welcome! I created this blog as a way to showcase my many projects and connect with other DIYers. I’ve always had expensive taste and an unwillingness to spend an arm and a leg to create the look I want. That complete and utter stubbornness has lead me to discover the unlimited possibilities when it comes to DIY. If you’re scared to get started, don’t worry – I’ve got your back! Join me as I capture every moment – the good and the bad. This will not be your run of the mill perfectly staged blog where everything seems like it was ripped out of the pages of a magazine. I vow to be my authentic self and show the disasters, trials and errors I come across as I navigate through each and every project.


If you want to chat about design, recipes, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.